Social Media and Sense of Entitlement

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Dr. Joe Handsome | Chocolate Informed

I must say I enjoy social media, but the one thing that bothers me is entitlement. Have you ever read the posts of some of these people? Some of my favorite posts are about how a man is supposed to take all type of crap because that shows his woman loves him. Some other posts talk about how people deserve XYZ. I think, are you serious? What makes you so special to think that you deserve anything? Like the world owes you something for being born or pretty or struggling or making it? Sometimes, I think I deserve something because I put in the work for it or just feel that I deserve it, but then life kicks me in the teeth and says you deserve nothing or I will give you what you deserve. Then all hell breaks loose. Relationships, jobs, everything would be better if we didn’t think we deserved it. Throw entitlement where it belongs, in the trash or the toilet and flush it.

Written by Dr. Joseph Handsome

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