Tonesha Finley – Don’t Let it Hinder You [Video]

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Tonesha Finley Don’t Let it Hinder You –

“When you begin to grow and evolve, you’re going to have to cut some people off. Don’t let what people think about you and what you’re doing, hinder your personal growth.”  – Tonesha Finley

Chocolate Informed caught up with a very interesting and inspiring personality, Tonesha Finley. She started a YouTube channel in hopes to help others who may be going through some of life’s challenging and turbulent moments.

Here’s what she had to say: “People always tell me “you put too much of your personal business on Facebook.  My response to that is “Ive been through too much to not put it on FB.  I don’t do it for attention. I don’t do it for sympathy. I simply do it because somewhere, someone else is going through the exact same things. What if that person is not as strong as me? What if they feel like they’re at the end of their rope and they get on social media and see that I’m dealing with the same things and see that I’m not letting it break me down? Could that post be the very reason that person finds hope? It very well could be and for that reason I’m willing to put myself out there. I understand that not everybody is hearing my story with compassion and empathy, but rather, judgement and ridicule. I don’t care if I give 600 people something to gossip about and one person something to live for, then the gossip and the ridicule is worth it. That may sound crazy to you, but its worth it to me.” -Tonesha Finley

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Video Courtesy of Tonesha Finley YouTube Channel
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