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During a recent conversation with a friend, who spent several years wearing all sorts of hairstyles while serving on military active duty,  a discussion was sparked regarding a series of online articles and one in particular,  Changes to Natural Hair Policies in the Military.  posted by Patricia Gaines .  You can read the entire article here.


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Our conversation entailed all the relevant controversy as a result of a petition started by Jasmine Jacobs which sparked controversy online and thousands of comments on social media. The female members of the Congressional Black Caucus were prompted to write a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in reference to  Army Regulation 670-1, published March 31.  The regulation banned most twists, dreadlocks and large cornrows — styles predominantly worn by African-American women. Though, the policy was intended to help make soldiers’ appearances consistent, some black military women criticized the update as being racially biased (

Jacobs and other black female soldiers, some of whom wrote to Army Times, said they believe the new hairstyle regulation is unfair and that it effectively outlaws natural hair (

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