Best Valentine’s Day Gift – Get Them What They Want

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Best Valentine’s Day Gift  | Chocolate Informed

Today is Valentine’s Day and perhaps you’re agonizing over what gift to give to your loved one.  Well, the lists of ideas are endless and you’re beating your brains out trying to come up with the most creative idea to surprise your lover.  But hold off a minute, pump the brakes on that creative idea.  What if your creative idea doesn’t ignite the anticipated response you were expecting from the recipient? Your creative idea could turn out to be more of a disappointment and just might ruin your Valentine’s day.

Studies prove that people have more appreciation for your gifts when you just get them what they want.

“Findings revealed that recipients appreciated receiving items from their wish list more than unsolicited items, and perceived the requested items to be more thoughtful and considerate. But in direct contrast, the givers thought that recipients would be more impressed with unsolicited items. This apparent disconnect between gift-givers and gift-recipients may strike a chord with many of us. Flynn notes that many married couples have an anecdote about a wedding gift that was off the registry –– and totally off the mark.”  STANFORD

Stanford Graduate School of Business


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