Racial Bias and Racial Divide – The Highest Form of Ignorance?

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Chocolate Informed ran across  another video from Tonesha Finley. In this video Tonesha explains why she feels the highest Tonesha Finleyform of ignorance is racial bias.  She stands firmly behind how she feels on the subject and posted the following statement on her Facebook Timeline: “This is how I (PERSONALLY) feel about all the racial division going on. I know everybody isn’t going to agree with me and that’s fine, but humanity is bigger than race. ”



Tonesha Finley’s  views about racial biases and racial divide are supported by research conducted by Susan T. Fiske,  author of Social Beings: Core Motives in Social Psychology.  Fiske is  a Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology and Professor of Public Affairs, Princeton University (Ph.D., Harvard University).

According to Fiske, an individual behaves in a prejudicial manner when he or she has an emotional reaction to another individual or group of individuals based on preconceived ideas about the individual or group. For example, a White individual refusing to drink from the same water fountain as a Black individual based solely on racial bias represents prejudice by the White individual. The White individual has no factual information to support not drinking from the same water fountain; however, he or she has a preconceived idea of the Black individual and therefore refuses to use the same drinking fountain (Fiske, 2010).  Sourced from:  Journal of Law Enforcement

Video Courtesy of Pitt Boss and Tonesha Finley

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