Michele D. Moore – Radio Producer and Host of Home and Away Jamaica

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Meet Michele D. Moore | Home and Away Jamaica

Chocolate Informed introduces the Radio virtuoso,  Producer and Talk Show Host of “Home and Away Jamaica.” What a novel idea! The Tourism industry might want to take notice. The show is informative and will be very beneficial to anyone who is thinking of moving to Jamaica or even just visiting this beautiful and mystical Island.Michele Moore_radio_logo_4
Every day there’s an untold story of an ordinary individual who is making huge strides toward success and most of those stories need to be shared. Why? Well, simply, because we become wiser when we learn through someone else’s experience. When someone shares their experience with us, we are better equipped to navigate our way through the wilderness when we decide to embark on a similar journey. We learn from others mistakes, so that we don’t make them ourselves. And if we listen hard enough, we may even discover the road map to success and happiness.

Michele D. Moore, a Radio Producer, Radio Talk Show Host, and Motivational Speaker shared her story on how she left her corporate job to embark on a lifelong passion and dream to live in Jamaica. Now, she is making a huge impact in our everyday lives by inviting others to share their experience. Here’s Michele D. Moore’s story in her own words:

“Back in 2009 I left my job at Barclays in Canary Wharf to go on a worldwide expedition which opened my mind and heart to so much and more of what this amazing world has to offer. Experiencing different cultures and connecting to all forms of life on a deeper level has had a profound affect on me. I made a conscious decision to free my mind and connect with my inner being to 240px-Canary_Wharf_Skyline_2,_London_UK_-_Oct_2012 really discover what I am ordained to do and what truly makes me joyful within. Subconsciously this was a daily battle when living in the western world with subliminal destructive messages constantly telling us what we must ‘have’. I was always a curious person, one to ask why? or why not? and although it might still get me into trouble, naturally I still have to inquire because there is always more to what meets the eye!

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Jamaica vs London has not been an easy choice for me at all. On one side of the scale I have my family, long term friends, the wide selection of things to do, see and eat! On the other side I have tropical climate, beautiful scenery, abundance of natural foods and tranquility.

The internal tug of war began once I was finally settled in Jamaica and away from the culture and environment I was accustom to for so many years. Naturally it was a bit of a culture shock at first and although I have Jamaican heritage it’s very different to 10275566_10152135454715965_2698961192368011510_oresiding and establishing myself in Jamaica. With all this in the mix, I had to stay focused on what makes me happy within. I’ve had some amazing jobs in London working with prestigious companies that involved traveling, high profile personalities and great pay but I was never really satisfied, I often felt that there was more to my life than meetings about meetings, office politics and clock watching. I’ve always been a free spirit and one to get up and go for what and what I believe in. I’m a firm believer in the greater the risk the greater the reward! I’m very passionate about Jamaica, inspiring others to reach their potential and pursue their dreams.” – Michele D. Moore

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