An Explicit Journey with Marie Michaelle – Author of Windy City: Poems of Lust & Desire

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Meet Marie Michaelle | Author of  “Windy City – Poems of Lust & Desire”

This Haitian born beauty and experienced runway show model exudes confidence as she glides across the stage performing her . Marie Michaelle is a published author and spoken word artist who the camera seems to love. During our research for this article, we ran across hundreds of amazing photos of this sensuous poet. Marie graciously granted us permission to share a few photos within this article.

As a Performance Poet, Marie Michaelle writes and performs her own work with a burning passion to entertain and educate her audiences with a smooth verbal, visually stimulating, and spiritual delivery.
relax_nSeveral years of theater training in voice control and delivery have led to a finessed tone which enables her to invoke emotion within her audiences. During her performances, audiences sit in a trance like state of visual paralysis as they visually focus on her every movement.
Throughout her life’s experiences, Marie has stockpiled her poetic tool bag full of valuable knowledge with regard to human nature and relationships. Her Haitian heritage infused with American culture, affords her a particular perspective that many who attend her performances and read her books can relate to. To others, Marie’s experience is a source of curiosity. But whatever the case, she pours her experiences over all her works and stimulates the human psyche.

Marie Michaelle informed fans that she is publishing a number of poetry books as well as a memoir. And yes, her fans wanted to see more photos. So, she’s including photographic images in her books alongside her poems. And if she’s not busy enough with writing books and performing her poetry, she is also working on recording an album. The album promises to include featured appearances and collaborations with other artists both musical and poetic.

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Photos Courtesy of Marie Michaelle Facebook

Video Courtesy of ModelAli86 YouTube Channel


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