6 Rules to Follow After a Breakup

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What to do after you breakup with someone? If you have experienced a breakup you may have all kinds of thoughts going through your mind. Things like how this could have happened to me all the way to how can I get revenge on my ex.

Regardless of why the breakup happened there are some rules you should follow to get you through this ordeal. Below are some examples that are pretty good things to follow after breaking up, whether you want to get back together with your ex or not.

1. Do Not Contact Your Ex
Resist the urge to contact your ex for any reason. They might have something of yours at their house you want back but let it go for now. This is especially true if it was a tough breakup with lots of bad things said between you. There will be time later when things have cooled down that you can try to contact them to take care of things. You may find you no longer have any interest in them or maybe you wish to rekindle your relationship.

2. Avoid Contacting Old Ex’s
In addition to not contacting your ex, do not try to contact any of your other ex’s either. Some time has passed and you are not angry at a former ex and you feel they may be there to support you in your time of need. Do not go backwards now; think of moving forward by avoiding your old flames.

3. No Texting After Midnight
After 10 PM, turn off your phone and turn it back on again when you wake up in the morning. When you have gone through a breakup you might be tempted to text someone late at night looking for support. All you will be doing is upsetting your friends or family who do not want to be bothered late at night or the early morning hours. Contact them during a more reasonable time.

4. Avoid Advice From Friends
While your friends may want to help you feel better, are they really good at giving relationship advice? Probably not, but they can console you to help you get past your pain. Your friends may have experienced their own breakups but that does not make them good advice givers. In fact why did they breakup in the first place. The best they can do is let you talk to them so you can get it off your chest.

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5. Avoid Your Ex’s Facebook Page
Do your best to not look at your ex’s Facebook Page. There are a couple reasons for this. One is you will find out what they are up to which could be nothing. Or you may see something you really do not want to see. In fact if you see something about them having met someone else, is it really true or is it made up to make you jealous. To make your life easier just avoid checking.

6. Life Will Get Better
Life can be miserable at first but give it time, you will feel better. Remember you are not alone; couples breakup everyday and they have for as long as there have been couples. Hang in there and you will get past this and life will get back to normal again.

So there you have it, six simple rules to follow after breaking up. Everyone’s situation is different but the rules are basically the same for all. After some time has gone by you may find you have no interest in your ex or you may decide to try to get them back. If you try getting them back at least do some research for how you can do it correctly.

If you have experienced a relationship breakup and want to try and get back together or just make it through, check out this relationship site for a couple reasons, it is one of the best at helping save relationships before a breakup and getting your ex back after.

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