Imani Speaks – Not just an Ordinary DJ, she’s a Powerful Voice for Encouragement

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Imani Speaks – Not just an Ordinary DJ, she’s a Powerful Voice for

While searching the internet for female DJs, Chocolate Informed stumbled upon the fascinating and empowering, Imani Speaks. Assuming only that she was a DJ, a staff member invited me to listen to Imani’s Rare Groove Mix-Tape. I listened intently, to tunes that took me back to a time when I could remember my beautiful mother dancing in the living room to tunes she played on the turn table. I know some of us remember the 45 RPM vinyl records and for those of you that can’t remember, well, you really missed out on a great period in R&B music.

Listen to mix-tape below:

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Now back to Imani Speaks…there was more to this DJ than I imagined. As I was about to leave the YouTube channel, YouTube suggested more from Imani Speaks and that’s when I really took an interest. She wasn’t just a female DJ spinning records; she was a powerful voice for the black community. This London based DJ is host to Radio Diamond, a Community Radio designed to awaken, uplift, develop and empower the African and Global Community. The aim of the show is to create positive changes in the minds and actions of the African people on the Continent and the Diaspora and beyond.Imani Speaks cover

The Imani Speaks Show encourages personal and spiritual development in the Nubian and global community. “I feel that there are talented and loving people who want to showcase their wisdom and talents and give back to the community and Radio Diamond provides the platform and I provide the questions and the space to enable them to share their wisdom with the listening audience.” – Imani Speaks

Her show offers a platform for guests to speak powerful words of wisdom and encouragement into the lives of the listening audience. Imani believes that the powerful messages coming from her guests will reawaken the listener’s personal power and inspire them to tap into their own reservoirs of inner treasures and be part of the change that they want to see in the world.  Disclaimer: Neither Imani Speaks nor Chocolate Informed intend to single out any of her guests in particular with the use of video(s) included in this article.  You can find a  collection of The Imani Speaks Show interviews on The Imani Speaks YouTube Channel.  

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