Black Businesses – Do They Even Exist? The Reasons You Can’t Find Black Owned Businesses

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Up until now, there wasn’t a place that I personally knew of that could direct you to  all the black businesses under the sun. I can count on one hand how many black owned businesses I can give you directions to right here in  my own hometown.  Well, let me just make that three fingers.  That’s my neighbor who owns his own barbershop, a dentist, and a physician, who both have their own practices.  Now, I know there has to be more than three black owned businesses in the area, but how can anyone find them or even validate their existence.  Difficulty in finding black owned businesses was a problem that needed to be solved and it’s a problem that has troubled me for years.  Why can’t someone direct me to numerous black owned businesses that have products and services that I might value?

A few days ago, an amazing thing happened.  While I was conducting research for an upcoming article, I came across a black online business directory.  I was thoroughly impressed.  So, I stopped what I was doing and with every ounce of urgency put the site to the test.  I registered and even reached out to them to let them know how exciting it was to finally have a directory that aimed to list every black owned company throughout the country.   So, yes. black owned businesses do exist and now thanks to SBO, there should be no reason why we can’t find all of them.


Support Black Owned is an online directory of black businesses, churches, restaurants, entertainers, etc. which also provides a social networking platform.

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SBOSidebarTheir mission is to list every black owned business, church, diner, stylist, model, entertainer, etc. all over the world to make them more visible and easier to find. If consumers can find you, then they can do business with you. The more business connections the greater chances of improving your life and finances which in turn will positively affect our community as a whole. To help achieve this offers free listings on their website which includes free logo upload, pictures uploads, multiple categories, and map location.

It is time for us to unite and help each other grow.
Find your Black owned businesses and support them today!!!!!!!

free business listing
free logo uploads
free descriptions
free account profiles
free picture uploads
email blasts
social media campaigns


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