Actress Anita Nicole Brown on How She Deals with Type One Diabetes

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Actress Anita Nicole Brown discussed being a PROUD Type One Diabetic with Chocolate Informed

Pause for a moment and reflect back to when you were 17 years old. What memories come to mind? For some of us, we think of running touchdowns, catching fly balls, dunking a basketball during a Friday night game, or dancing the night away at the prom. At age 17 many of us were probably feeling invincible, without a care in the world. None of us ever thought of waking up to realize we could no longer walk due to diabetic nerve damage in our legs and feet. Fortunately for us, losing the ability to walk was all just a thought, but for actress Anita Nicole Brown, this was a reality.

Anita Nicole Brown is a lovely, multifaceted actress who embraces the lifestyle of a diabetic and wears it as badge of pride. We are honored to present theĀ  Chocolate Informed Online Magazine Interview with the lovely actress Anita Nicole Brown:

Anita_0044softBGMy name is Anita Nicole Brown and I still consider myself an aspiring actress. I still catch so much heat for this because many believe I am no longer “aspiring”. But I like this term because as an actor, one should always seeks to grow! Once you stop growing and learning, it is time to find a new career! So with that in mind, I hope to ALWAYS be an aspiring actress!

I have to admit that it really does feel strange writing about myself! I enjoy interviewing others and writing about them but when it comes to myself, I am always at a loss for words! But I guess I can give it a try now.

So how do I identify myself? Well, although I do not identify myself as a race (I know I will be catching slack for that), I do identify myself as a Type One Diabetic (t1d)! I like this identification because MANY people suffer with this disease regardless of race and gender. And that is why I have always worn being a T1D as a badge of pride! Now many people who are T1Ds have a hard time accepting it and I do understand that. I did when I was diagnosed almost 17 years ago! But I have come to understand that I did nothing wrong. In fact, I saw it as something totally different! I saw it as me being accepted into a special club! A club that will test how strong I am and my determination to overcome and succeed!

So let me backtrack here. I was diagnosed a Type One Diabetic on November 12th, 1998. And because it took so long for me to get diagnosed, I suffered a few complications. The main one being Diabetic Nerve Damage in my legs and feet that made it impossible for me to walk! But through LUCK, I was able to overcome the nerve damage and now, I am not just walking, but dancing, acting and just trying to show the world that although I may be different, I am still just as passionate, determined and hardworking as anyone else. I would actually say MORE so to be honest!

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You see, as a T1D, I have to test my glucose levels at least 6 times per day. And I have to make sure I am eating the right amount of carbohydrates! Not to mention, exercising, avoiding stress as much as possible and visiting ALL my doctors as often as possible in order to stay in the best health as possible! And I am doing all this while chasing the dream of becoming an actress! But diabetes has not gotten in my way in the slightest! In fact, it pushes me even harder! And I am starting to see the plus side of no longer hiding who I am from production companies looking to cast! Before I did everything possible to hide that I was a T1D. But now (as I am sure you can see from my Facebook page), I am ALL T1D!!!

In the Loop Filming-15And when Crisis Function [MOVIE] came out last year and the director/writer (Nathyn Masters) made the character a T1D, I almost cried! It was the 1st time in a LONG time in which I got to embrace the life of a T1D on an actual set and let the world see SOME of what we as T1Ds go through. So hopefully this year, more will be coming!

So for ANYONE who feels that having to face difficulties in life makes it not worth it, I say to you, MAKE it worth it! Become stronger than what you have been faced with. Never let it define you, instead, define IT! Give it a new label, a new outlook and make it a positive one! As an aspiring actress for almost 6 years and a Type One Diabetic for almost 17, I can officially say I am a PROUD T1D Actress! And now, diabetes is my motivator! My drive! It may take me longer than most, but it does not mean I can NOT! So put a positive spin on it and wear it with the pride YOU deserve!

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