Wake Up – Patriana Jones’ Short Controversial Directorial Debut

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Chocolate Informed Introduces Patriana Jones, , writer, and director of the controversial short film, Wake Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to Patriana Jones, a 20 year old aspiring actress who writes and directs. That’s right, let me say it again, she writes and directs.   She has appeared in over 30 theatrical productions and she recently launched her directorial debut by releasing her first short controversial film, “Wake Up”, which deals with sociopolitical issues.

Wake up is a short film, set in the small town of Lancaster, CA.  The audience is  introduced to  police officer, Brian Wilson, and his beautiful wife, Naomi. What starts off as a typical day for the couple takes a deadly turn when a life-altering catastrophe occurs.  One attack. One gunshot. One courtroom. Tensions rise in the small town as the community awaits the verdict. The close-knit community will never be the same….

Please take the time to view this short film in it’s entirety.  Patriana Jones will be one of those people we will be talking about around the water cooler, stating “I remember her back when…”

About the Writer and Director: Patriana Jones is a young lady that likes who she is and the amazing artist she is becoming.  She’s an intelligent and very impressive actress, who demonstrates through her work, how its possible to harness her emotions and channel her energy into a thought provoking and entertaining short film.   At a very young age,  she realized that entertainment was her chosen field. Since the age of 10,  she has been training in art and theater.   Over the last decade,   Patriana feels  that she has  grown tremendously as an artist.

Patriana Jones2When asked exactly what it is that motivates her?  She stated, “Throughout my teen years, was something I was great at.  I loved the attention, the spotlight, and the audience.”  

To really appreciate the work of such a talented and gifted artist like Patriana, we must first understand what it’s like to have the burning desire and the ferocious hunger to aspire to create and participate in more meaningful and impressionable work.   Accompanied by growing pains,  the days, weeks, and months go by as Patriana transitions through her life in stages.   The end result is a new stronger Patriana who is  all the more passionate and brilliant in her work.

Brought on by the passion within her, she embraces every opportunity and  is willing to lunge head first at any challenge thrown her way.   This young actress, writer and director stated, “My desire is to not only to be an actress.  I want to be an artist who uses my artistic talents to enlighten, inspire, and educate on taboo topics, while still managing to leave the audience feeling entertained and satisfied.”

Throughout our conversation, it was evident that Patriana has a sincere appreciation for her filming crew and fellow actors.  According to Patriana, there were many things that made creating Wake Up a very strenuous process. The film makers had no budget and it was everyone’s first time attempting to work together and tell a story. The cameramen, Simeon and Chris had never edited anything except for 3-4 minute skits and music videos. So, it was a learning experience for all involved. But as we can all see, the results were rewarding and every did wonderful.

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The cast included Shae Rowe, the woman who played Naomi Wilson.  Shae has been acting since she was a child and she even holds a SAG card as a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. For some actors, like Jesus Villegas who played Adrian in the film, “Wake Up” was his first camera experience. “Everyone put so much effort and dedication into the process and we got all the filming done in 3 days! The results were rewarding and proved that the strenuous filming process was well worth the effort!” – Patriana Jones

Wake Up Film Project

[ Eddie Ward, Robert Hull, Patriana Jones, Christopher Johnson, Dan Heyerman, Bria Gwen, Simeon Denali, Ashley Gee, Jessica Marie, Kaylyn Johnson ]

  Patriana Jones

Career Going Forward: Here’s what Patriana had to say about her career going foward:  “It’s going to be a challenge, but I look forward to it.  My desire to learn new things and  to incorporate them into my art.  This is what drives me every day.  My debut directorial, short film, “Wake Up” was created after an emotional argument I had with several associates of mine.  I couldn’t understand how white privilege and racism could be considered topics of the past and anyone who wanted to discuss those issues, was deemed as, “living in the past”.  It was that argument which helped me decide to resume writing my own material.  I decided to use it as a voice and to awaken others to the problems of my people, my community, and my country.” – Patriana Jones




Patriana Jones YouTube Channel


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