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Life at Face Value | Chocolate Informed

We’ve all heard of the man with many hats, but have you heard of the man with many faces?  Chocolate Informed caught up with Mr. Aron Lee a.k.a. Mr. Face ThaProdigal Son Lee. This is one incredibly talented artist. From rap to spoken word then on to photography, he has hosted and formed his own Open Mic Event in Germany called “Soul Sophistication.  He is an exceptionally articulate individual who uses analogies and metaphors in ways you wouldn’t think were possible. And although some of his poems and performances are hilarious, he always seems to drive home a serious message. Mr. Face is one ambitious individual and whatever his artistic mind dreams up, he makes it a reality.

Mr. Face2

He is the Founder and CEO of  Mindz Eye Photography and Bullet Proof Caterpillars.  Now, he’s undertaking one more project that is sure to be a hit with his followers.  Mr. Face launched his very own podcast titled “Life at Face Value.”  This is an eleven part series to discuss different topics regarding relationships.  Chocolate Informed scooped up the first episode and we’ve embedded it here.  So press play, then sit back and enjoy!

Watch Mr. Face Perform

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