So Fresher than You… ‘7/11’ What is Beyonce Trying to Tell Us?

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  • Is Beyoncé going to surprise us with another album on “7/11,” a.k.a. July 11, 2015?

  • Or, is “7/11″ the due date for her (as yet nonexistent) second child with husband Jay Z?

  • Perhaps the apocalypse will go down on July 11?

  • Or, maybe it’s an Illuminati thing because triangles, etc.

  • Forget the dates. What if she’s hinting at a 7 out of 11 chance she’ll drop a joint album with Jay?

  • What if she’s telling us that if you run into the wall at Platform 7 and 11 quarters at Houston’s Amtrak Station on Washington Ave, you’ll board the express train to Hogwarts?

  • Final thoughts: She probably just likes Slurpees.


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