So What went Wrong with Empire Venturing into Bipolar Disease Territory?

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As many Chocolate Informed readers are already aware of, Bipolar Disease often goes without being diagnosed and can go untreated in the black community, so this is a big deal. But the show Empire is telling Andre’s story in a way that is making  crazy.

There are different categories of the condition. To simplify things, bipolar manifests itself with extreme mood swings; the highs and lows can keep you off-balance. Just a few of the many symptoms can include irritability, impulsiveness and overconfidence. None of those things sound that bad, right? Yet depending on the situation, it can be extremely disruptive. Empire mostly gets it wrong, but every now and then it does right by the bipolar community.

Television new sensation Empire is headed into little discussed area. Bipolar disorder. Andre Lyon’s bipolar disorder took a major scene stealing moment in the last episode. Andre’s wife, Rhonda, reminded him that he needs to take his medication and make regular doctor visits. The stress became too much for him when his father seemingly passed him over for heir of the record label, Andre is the one child that was not graced with musical skill, but business sense. Now, it would appear it was all for not!

Andre’s dramatic and sudden highs and lows can look like rapid cycling. As the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance puts it, “With rapid cycling, mood swings can quickly go from low to high and back again, and occur over periods of a few days and sometimes even hours.”

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