Is Your Self Worth less Than Your Net Worth ?

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Is Your Self Worth Less Than Your Net Worth? For a very long time, too many people have confused their net worth with self worth.  As your net worth tends to fluctuate, going up and down, do you allow your self worth to do the same? Or do your values remain the same, non compromising, remaining true to who you are?

According to: UPTOWN Magazine

Lineage plays an important role in our personal lives. Not only does it impact our physical appearance and our health but lineage also impacts our relationship to money. The way you think and feel about money can be traced back to your parents and your ancestry. Many of us have been taught, literally by the words that were repeated constantly in our homes, that money is a scarce commodity and there will never be enough.

5437287521_caa9aa57d4_bAs a result, many of us believe today that in order to amass wealth, we have to earn our money by counting hours and working hard. We’re in survival mode as we hustle and struggle to “make ends meet”. If you struggle to pay your bills at the end of the month, you are in survival mode. This is a mental state of poverty consciousness. When the fear of disaster in the form of job loss, illness, divorce, or car repairs occupies so much of your mental space, it’s hard to dream about financial freedom and wealth building. It’s hard to feel free. In fact it’s hard to feel anything other than the lump in your throat and the anxious pounding of your heart.

In order to break this dissipating state of fear and enter a state of wealth consciousness you must look at your beliefs about money and your ability to build wealth. You must examine how you relate to money and its role in your life. You must look at how you feel about yourself and how much you believe you are worth. If you had to put an hourly rate on your time, wisdom, and energy, how much would that be? Would it be $50, $150, $300, or $600?

The amount of money you allow yourself to earn is directly related to how much your value yourself. Can you even imagine making seven figures in your life? Yes, money is the physical currency that we use to exchange commodities and services but it’s also energy. In order to expand your energy and transform your relationship with money you must do three things:

1. Awareness – Take your head out of the sand and take a close look at your financial life. Compare your monthly bills to your income. Determine whether or not you are in survival mode. Make a list of your thoughts about money. What is the limiting dialog that plays out in your head on a regular basis about your finances and your ability to earn money. What are your beliefs about money and your ability to prosper?

2. Discipline – If you’re in survival mode, take a look at your spending and determine what can you eliminate from your budget? I’m not suggesting that you limit your dreams to fit your budget. I want you to have big dreams and go for them. However, if you are buying material objects to compensate for your low self esteem, to fit in, or to be accepted, then you are further solidifying low sense of self worth by moving closer to poverty instead of wealth. If you realize that you have a limited knowledge of how money works and you want to understand more about investing, good and bad debt, and life sucking credit card interest, then buy a few books, expand your knowledge, and invest in yourself.

3. Action – You need a plan. You need a plan for saving and you need a plan to make more money. Your new money making plan should be in alignment with your passions and your purpose. Something you love to do that can make a positive contribution to the world, and you can be compensated for. You don’t have to give up your current job to pursue your passion. It’s only important that you are honest and pursue your passion with integrity. When we align with our greater good, our greater purpose, the law of attraction is such that the universe aligns with us in grace-filled ways that our minds could not even imagine.

Your net worth does not equal your self worth. You are priceless!

About the author:  Wendy is an entertainment lawyer and founder of the executive coaching company, Spanda Coaching. Contact her through and follow her on Twitter @IamWendyCredle



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