Another Black Teen Killed by Police – Family Asks, ‘Why?’

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Another Black Teen Killed by Police – Family Asks, ‘Why?’| Chocolate Informed

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The Cleveland Police Department has not released the names of the officers who responded in Jones’ case, but noted that the pair have been placed on a mandatory three days’ administrative leave after use of deadly force.

On Thursday, Jones broke into the grocery store at around 2 a.m. by prying open the metal cage with a crowbar and kicking down the front door, an employee said. He was looking for cigarettes but also took some Canadian coins. He attempted to take the cash register but dropped it.

As Jones was trying to escape, he was confronted by two police officers who attempted to arrest him. There was a struggle and one officer fired a shot, hitting Jones at close range, the news site notes. Later that Thursday morning, Jones died from the gunshot wound.


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