A BODACIOUS Brand of Clothing for Tall Women by Fashion Designer Briana Jones

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A BODACIOUS Brand of Clothing for Tall Women by fashion Designer Briana Jones | Chocolate Informed


Beyond B is a BODACIOUS Brand that provides tall women with tailored fitting clothing and promotes confidence in women that aren’t average or average sized.

The brilliant fashion phenom behind this Bodacious line of clothing is Briana Jones of Atlanta, Ga.  This once professional model, designer, and fashion show coordinator, is a bold visionary and creator of all things fashionable.  After spending 7 years modeling clothing in the fashion industry, she decided to step away from the stage to begin designing her own clothing.

Frustrated over the fact she couldn’t find feminine style bow ties, she designed her own.  She added blazers and then launched her own full collection of clothing.

Standing tall and glamorous, Briana reflected back to when she had problems finding blazers with sleeves long enough to fit her and stated, “You can easily find tall pants or jeans, but not many full collections dedicated to tall women. The problem I always ran into is the regular blazers in the store would not be long enough for my arms, pants were a struggle to find and skirts/dresses could easily begin to look slutty because of my long legs.  So naturally I wanted my clothes to fit me.” 

In a world full of average size clothes, Beyond B provides women 5’8 and taller with a fashionable line of clothing to fit and embrace a bodacious body’s frame and a bodacious attitude to match.

Beyond B’s BTALL collection offers a curated mix of clothing that is timeless chic, trendy, and tailored clothing that solves the problems tall women face when shopping in average stores.

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Unlike competitors, Beyond B clothing offers style choices that are on trend, yet are tailored to fit tall women.  Beyond B’s mission is to provide figure flattering, stylish, tailored pieces to create timeless looks that promote self esteem and support the tall community.

Beyond B Beauties are Bold, Confident, Smart, Fearless, Unforgettable and Sassy.  In a world full of average, these women don’t mind standing out.

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Who wants to be average?  Dare to stand out…Btall, Bbrave & Bodacious!  


Briana Jones- Atlanta, Ga

Phone: 904-210-7337

E-mail: Brianasjones@yahoo.com

Website: www.shopbeyondb.com

Social Media: @shopbeyondb

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