Damn, what happened to my Curls? Heat Damage On Natural Hair

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Damn, what happened to my Curls? Heat Damage On Natural Hair

Article by Gems Natural Hair Salon and Living

You have washed your hair, prayed, conditioned, prayed, hot oiled treatment, conditioned and prayed a little more and now you are at the beginning stages of slightly freaking out which will soon lead to extreme levels of hysteria!!! Where in the hell are your curls! Let me tell you first -hand I have experienced heat damage to the point where not only did I experience straight pieces of strands but 4-5 inches above my ends were literally just snapping off about the rate of a stampede during a 24 hour 20 dollar designer sample sale.

The picture above is years ago when my hair was eventually damaged by over use of heat every single week until I was left with memories of what a curl looked like. If you are unsure of the signs or experiencing heat damage and wondering what the fudge you can do about it. Sit down and take a deep breath. I will explain the tell-tale signs, the reasons why your hair suffered damage, possible ways to repair depending on the amount of damage and hair care practices. Also how to prevent further heat damage! Signs Natural hair texture after washing or wetting of strands fails to return to natural state. Depending on the amount of damage curls could appear slightly or extremely looser from original form or the curl could be compromised all together. Leaving you with straight hair or semi straight pieces.

Ends of your hair are experiencing excessive split ends and or breakage Hair feels severely dry and rough and appears dull Reasons The curlier the hair the more fragile because at every curling point along the strand is a potential point of breakage which means adding any type of stress that will not implement moisture but instead strip can cause breakage The sebum which is basically the natural oils the glands from your scalp produce have more difficulty disposing along curly strands especially to the end of our strands because of the curly road your natural oils have to travel versus traveling down naturally straight or wavy hair. Direct heat tools or appliances can cause the cuticles of your strands to be stripped off or break away from the surrounding fibers.  Learn how to prevent heat damage : Heat Damage On Natural Hair


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