Kurin Keys Wrote On His Son’s $400 Air Jordans – “My Grades Matter”

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Kurin Keys Wrote On His Son’s $400 Air Jordans – “My Grades Matter” | Chocolate Informed

Kurin says in the video: “MY GRADES MATTER..Everyday, until his grades get back to As and Bs…I don’t care what I spent on the shoes. I need this message to come across everyday when he looks down at his feet.”

Chocolate Informed Online Magazine got a return phone call from Kurin Keys on Thursday regarding all the buzz about his video clip that has been viewed over 1,022,417. The video caught the attention of not only our magazine, but hundreds of others. Kurin was a busy man on Thursday receiving back to back interview requests from media outlets that wanted the inside scoop on why he decided to write on his son’s shoe.

Video Courtesy of Imsofirsthart

So here’s the story straight to the point from Kurin Keys himself:

1. Shoes came out in December. I bought the shoes before Christmas.
2. His report card came out a week after. It was trash… So I grounded him and Christmas was cancelled.
3. Grounded him, had teacher conferences, grades came up. 2 weeks before new repeat card comes out… He decides to not turn in various assignments warning zero’s.
4. So instead of me wearing his out out (As whoopings take us back to slavery and oppression) I decided to make his live as an example and be the role model… When his grades come up… We’ll post that too.
5. He’s a suburban kid with all the resources of two parents and good family system. Some kids have a mom that’s strung out on crack… And they get straight A’s!!! What’s my son’s excuse?!

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Kurin Keys is from Fayetteville, NC and owns  WePrintNC.com T-Shirt Printing Shop


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