Duke Wins Another National Title but Is Coach K overpaid?

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Duke Wins Another National Title but Is Coach K overpaid?

According to Fortune

Duke University’s Mike Krzyzewski  total estimated pay last year was $9,682,032, far outstripping the $1.1 million that 20131203_Mike_Krzyzewskiuniversity president Richard Brodhead received. Given that the basketball program brought in $27 million in revenue with $14.2 million reportedly in expenses, that’s a gross profit of $12.8 million, based on numbers from the 2013-2014 academic year.

Not that Wisconsin’s coach is a pauper. Bo Ryan’s total pay was $2,946,000 with a possible bonus of $450,000, which means his full payday could be $3,396,000, or roughly 35 percent of what Krzyzewski makes.

 Read more March Madness: Is Coach K overpaid? – Fortune


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