Being Mary Jane Season Finale Recap

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Being Mary Jane Season Finale Recap – Family dinner is turnt. It’s a celebration for P.J., who has completed three years of architecture school and received a job offer in Los Angeles. Lisa is there because she picked up the cake. And it’s awkward as all hell.

Kara flies to New York for a family emergency. Her dad wants to sell the house they’ve had for over 40 years, and her mom refuses. Unfortunately, Daddy has already signed over the deed. They will eventually lose their home, but Kara will pay the rent payments to delay her parents’ move so that her mother doesn’t find out.

Sheldon decks out his crib with candles, Moroccan food and slow jams. M.J. calls it corny, which leads Sheldon to potentially never talk to her again. Back at M.J.’s house, Mark breaks down how much of an epic fail her comment was. He advises her to apologize to Sheldon ASAP.

M.J. and Sheldon still haven’t had sex. When she tries to get sexy or invite him into bed with her, he brushes her off. Over breakfast, Sheldon expresses his concern for her safety, to which M.J. bluntly asks, “Are we in a relationship?” They are. Who knows if he was ever going to let her know that minor detail?

He gives her a speech about needing to keep his individuality. He offers her the opportunity to one day have two separate condos on the same floor.

M.J. leaves David a message about his dog. Lisa one-ups her childhood bestie by stopping by David’s in a short, curve-hugging dress to cook lasagna, wash dishes and listen to him talk about Anna.

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