Is it Possible? Woman Weighing over 200 pounds is a Fitness Model and Personal Trainer

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She weighs over 200 pounds, was picked on, bullied, and had a low self-esteem. So how was it possible for her to become a Fitness Model and Personal Trainer?

AnowaAnowa Adjah is the CEO of Powerhouse Physiques, Mother of Twins, and “The First 200-pd Curvy Fitness Model Professional. Anowa Adjah has created one of the most successful workout programs to benefit women of all shapes and sizes.

With her Top Selling Workout DVDs: Full Body Curve Down, Plyometric Pump and now “Lose The Gutt/Keep The Butt” she hopes to inspire more women to shed unnecessary weight yet embrace their curves. As a Certified Group Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Motivational Speaker that has a Health and Wellness Tour underway, look for Anowa to continue providing innovative tips and tools to benefit everyday women with real issues.

Check out for product information, tips, and when the Powerhouse Physiques Tour is coming to a city near you!
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Anowa Adjah – Full Figured Female Fitness Phenomenon

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