Wealthy Executive Who Pays to Play Cop Accidentally Executes Black Man – Watch Video

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HORROR: 73-year-old Robert Bates Deputy Who Accidentally Shot Restrained Man Is Actually a Wealthy Executive Who Pays to Play Cop. Eric Courtney Harris shooting VIDEO: Pay-to-Play-#police Robert Bates Kills Man Mistaken Gun Taser

(Newson6) TULSA, Oklahoma – The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office has released video in a deadly mix-up caught on camera. Deputy Bob Bates shot Eric Harris when he ran from deputies after an undercover gun deal.

The sheriff’s office says it’s an accident.




According to The Root:

The April 2 shooting death of Eric Harris by 73-year-old Tulsa, Okla., Reserve Deputy Robert Bates is more than just the latest tragedy involving a black man’s execution on film.

In this 21st-century safari, the “big game” are young black men, often with criminal records, who were caught in the clutches of the drug war and criminal-justice system at an early age. Harris, like tens of thousands of other black men in America, had a criminal record, so he now suffers a second death at the hands of an unforgiving media gaze that has shown more interest in understanding Bates’ grief than in feeling the Harris

If you think the case in Tulsa, Okla.—in which a wealthy businessman allegedly bought his way into an officer’s uniform, eventually killing an unarmed black man—is an isolated incident, you’re wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of volunteer and reserve officers in America.

Beyond allegations that Bates was unqualified to handle a firearm is the frightening fact that there are at least 400,000 reserve and volunteer police officers in the United States. Are they properly trained? And how do departments weed out those who take their roles seriously, versus those who take this as an opportunity to treat predominantly black and brown neighborhoods as a kind of hunting ground?

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Is this an isolated event or part of a potentially larger, more disturbing trend?

Read Original Story How Police Tourism Sanctions the Lethal Pursuit of Black People – The Root


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