Sometimes Love Just Finds You and It’s True Love Calls Your Name

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Written by MsTinkerbell Quinn

Sometimes Love finds you, and the timing may not be right…Love doesn’t care though. ..

11174999_10204136304117512_2374452990736332025_nA few weeks ago I posted him as my MCM…Well, I think he’s MCMTWTFS&S!!I remember meeting him some time ago, thinking, smh, and saying…This guy is so silly!!!.He kept me laughing Over time..Something happened. Straight to the point…I fell in Love with him…Yes ME!!!! Oh I ran from it, paced the floor, wondered should I tell him?….See, you have to know me..I wasn’t looking for this..and it takes ALOT for a Gentleman to get my attention. LOVE??? NOT ME….Not because I didn’t deserve to be loved. It’s just that…

I was caught off guard. ..Well…anyway. .I finally decide to tell him how I felt.Whew!! I was so scared to tell him…I remember that day..Lol..It was hard for me to say those three words…..Love is a Big Step…It takes courage to Love someone…..Where did this come from? Where did HE come from? ..Lol..As a woman. There is a certain way that I need to feel…HE made me feel that way!! I had no Expectations. .Yet..He MET every one of them..He supported me.He challenged me.He made me step outside of my comfort zone. Certain fears vanished. ..I talk ALOT. .and he listened..I think back to our first date. .BEAUTIFUL!!!!..I remember him walking me to my Aunt’s front door, holding my hand…My aunt opens the door. …we say our goodnight. .and he kisses me…Right in front of my aunt…Gasp!!!..I Loved it..

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I remember the day that he said those three words to me…I Love You..I was with my mom..I jumped up and ran down her hall..I paced the floor..Mom…in a panic. .What’s Wrong??? Speechless. .I finally said…Nothing mom..I just didn’t expect to hear what I just heard….I don’t think I slept that night at all…Love will find you when you least expect it..

Now, this love story isn’t perfect. .It doesn’t mean that I haven’t had him wanting to throw me over a bridge, but jump behind me to save me just before hitting the water…LMBO. ..and Vice Versa. ..That’s Love though. .It means that Sunshine doesn’t come without rain. .For me Love is Building him up..Loving him…even when it hurts..Love is Communication. ..Which is everything to me..I could go on and on..but I’ll end this story. .He is a Wonderful man..We are wonderful People. .To Love is one thing, but for that love to be returned is everything!!..

Sometimes Love finds you, and the timing may not be right…Love doesn’t care though. ..Love is Patient. .Wait for it…Love is Kind…Be nice to it…Love will have you ticked off at each other…but calm down and remember ..I love him/her because Love is magical. ..Love doesn’t mean that you have to be in a relationship, Love doesn’t mean that you are running off to get married. .LOVE is LOVE..It needs all the essential nutrients to grow. ..Without it. .LOVE Will Die…My Love Story.THE END!!!.‪#‎LoveIsAGiftGiveIt‬. .‪#‎LovingMe‬ ‪#‎LovingLife‬.. ..

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