Woman Kills Young Mother and Steals Baby

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According to UPTOWN:  A very twisted story has come out of Indiana about a woman who stabbed a new mother to death and kidnapped the woman’s baby as her own. Police are still trying to piece together the true motive of the murder. A probable cause affidavit released Tuesday revealed disturbing details.

The incident began on April 6th when Geraldine Jones visited the Anderson, Indiana apartment of a family consisting of 23-year-old Samantha Fleming, her boyfriend, and their 17-day-old baby girl. Fleming’s significant other, Rainey Stanley, answered the door, and Jones, dressed in professional attire and carrying a binder, told him that she was a social worker who was on a surprise visit. The 36-year-old woman then suggested that both Fleming and her baby, Serenity, come down to Gary for a hearing. Stanley told police that was the last time he saw his girlfriend alive.
When Fleming did not return, police tried finding her by tracking her phone. The affidavit said her family had been receiving text messages from her. However, the family did not believe it was Fleming sending the messages, because the texts had “perfect spelling,” and Fleming was known to be a poor speller.
Anderson Police Detective Scott Sanderson was led to Jones’ residence in Gary. Once there, he found Jones’ sister holding Serenity. The sister said that Jones had left with another sister to catch a flight to Texas. She had also told the officer that Jones had told her family that she had been pregnant with twins, but one baby died while she was giving birth. The sister, however, did not believe that Serenity belonged to Jones.

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Original Story Black Woman Fakes Being Social Worker to Kill Young Mother, Steals Baby – UPTOWN Magazine



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