How Does a Man with No Penis Have Sex with over 100 Women?

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How Does a Man with No Penis Have Sex withOver 100 Women?  Chocolate Informed –

Andrew Wardle: Man with No Penis Admits To Sleeping With Over 100 Women –

Andrew Wardle is reportedly a ladies man! According to Mirror Online, he’s even admitted he’s had sex with more than 100 women. While most people definitely wouldn’t consider his promiscuity a commendable feat, there is something quite astounding about it. Apparently, the 40-year-old man does not have a penis. Now, how on earth could a man hide what most would presumably consider obvious?

During his recent TLC documentary, The Man With No Penis, he revealed all of the details about his unconventional lifestyle. Wardle has a rare medical condition commonly referred to as penile agenesis, reports Metro. When he was born, he had testicles but no penis. The condition effects approximately one male out of every five to six million males born each year.

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TLC’s The Man With No Penis airs June 11.

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