Angry Mom Spots Son on TV at the Baltimore Riots [Viral Video]

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Angry Mom Spots Son on TV at the Baltimore Riots [Viral Video] – Chocolate Informed –

According to a report made by ABC affiliate WMAR, the boy’s mother was watching television when she noticed that her own child was among the crowd of demonstrators fighting against the police last Monday. Perhaps her motherly instincts were on point that day as she spotted her young son throwing rocks at authorities. Enraged at this sight, the concerned mother decided to take matters into her own hands.

Braving the chaotic crowd, the boy’s mother looked for her son. As soon as she found him, she confronted her child urging him to go home. However, her son resisted and this angered his mother. The unidentified mom, wearing an yellow top and light washed blue jeans, swiftly grabbed her boy and smacked him right in the face. Yells of “Are you kidding me?” were heard by several reporters.

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