Kandra Ferguson Brown: What Inspired Her Natural Hair Care Salon and Book

Author Kandra Ferguson Brown pictured on right appears at book signing for Hair I Am
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Kandra Ferguson Brown Tells What Inspired Her Natural Hair Care Salon and Books

Written by Kandra Ferguson Brown

Hair I Am…is a notion that many are unfamiliar with. Many quote a popular song “ I Am Not My Hair,” but contrary to popular belief…hair is the window into our health. When I earned my degrees in psychology, it was my desire to work with at-risk youth. I, as a youth, was an at-risk; thereby giving me the ability to reach a population of children that would otherwise remain lost. I felt complete in my chosen career, until my last client committed suicide. Vowing never to work in the mental health field, I had to find a way to make my life count.

What was my contribution to society going to be? In the interim of my trying to find my purpose, I was a kitchentologist. A kitchentologist, is a person who does not have formal training in the art of cosmetology, but is skilled enough to earn money. One day a little bird suggested I open my own salon, but I thought the idea was Ludacris. I had recently graduated grad school with my masters in psychology and from a financial perspective, I could have simply attended cosmetology school and saved myself a ton of money. But when you allow God to orchestrate your life, roads that seem far and between come together to create a perfect journey.

As I continued along my journey doing hair on a professional level, the name Hair I Am resonated so loudly in my spirit. Seemed like everyone with a hair or scalp issue was appearing at my salon. But I secretly had a hair issue of my own. It was at that moment I realized that in order to help others, I had to resolve my own issue. As I sat contemplating my life, I realized that I acquired some investigative skills as a psychologist. It was through my discovery I realized hair was the window into what is happening inside. But modern science has led us to write everything off as a part of aging process, but age has a minor role in the health of an individual. But what I was putting on and in my body had everything to do with the healthy or unhealthy state of my body. The lights went off and I realized I had turned my body into a garbage disposal that was in distress. Bells began ringing and whistles were blowing healthy living equals healthy hair. I am my Hair…Hair I Am. That day the name of the salon went beyond a surface meaning and took on an even deeper meaning. I at that moment I understood God’s purpose for my life… the roads that I took was designed to give me a niche in the hair industry. I am not just a hairstylist, I am a therapist/educator.

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I have discovered the connection between hair loss and health and I assist clients in the regrowth of hair and the side effect is better health. If you are interested in getting assistance with hair and scalp issues feel free to contact via facebook Kandra Ferguson (hair therapist), call 910-485-HAIR (4247), or email me at hairiamnaturalhair@gmail.com  Website: kenkayhair.com

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About the Author: Kandra Ferguson-Natural hair therapist/ salon owner with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. I have been doing hair since I was knee high to a grasshopper. My life took roads that seem to lead me away from hair, but eventually I found my way back to my first love. My love for hair has taken me beyond superficial aspects of hair i.e. styling and installation. I crave an in-depth understanding of the why’s of hair. This craving allowed me the opportunity to utilize my degree in understanding the psychology behind hair, which led me to understanding the pains women and children experience when it comes to issues of their hair. I wanting to share what I have learned lead me to creating the Hair I Am children’s book series.



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Kandra Brown and Kimberla Lawson Roby

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