Truvée Wines – McBride Sisters Start Black Owned Wine Company

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Truvée Wines – McBride Sisters Start Black Owned Wine Company – Chocolate Informed –

Andrea and Robin McBride, who are the first African-American sisters to own their own wine company, launched Truvee Wines at The Manor (1327 Connecticut Avenue NW) in the Nation’s Capitol.

The sisters have a very interesting story. It wasn’t until 1999 when Andrea was 16 and Robin was 25 that the two sisters learned of each other. The two, who share the same father, lived on opposite ends of the world.  One lived in New Zealand and the other in Monterey, California. It was their father’s dying wish for the two to meet. Still, they both grew up around vineyards and decided to start a wine company to firm their bond. They named the company “Truvée,” a twist for the French word, trouver, which means “to find.” [The Fab Empire]

In 2008 we set out to create something fresh and new. We blended our passion for premium wines, consideration for the planet, family and friends and winemaking from Andréa’s backyard – New Zealand.

By 2010 this vision had come to life with the launch of Wines – delicious, food-friendly, balanced and sophisticated wines sourced in Marlborough from vineyards within the Wairau, Waihopi, and Nelson Valleys.  At launch, we were the first African American sisters to found a wine company and to launch on a digital platform, and the wines were made in the first CarboNZero™ certified winery in the world.

The brand is about an attitude. It’s not defined by where you live, how old you are, or what your cultural background is; it’s a wine people can love, relate to and enjoy sharing with everyone.

” To Find” The Story of The McBride Sisters & Truvée Wines from McBride Sisters on Vimeo.

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Truvée Truvee

After years of work creating Truvée, it’s now ready to launch in February 2015. Our McBride Sisters story comes to life in this wine, and the name says it all – derived from the french verb “To find,” we found each other, and now we want people to find a wine that matters.

Truvée stylistically bridges old world and new world wines: no flaws, no polarizing characteristics, just delicious, unique blends showcasing finesse from some of the best locations where Robin grew up –  the Central Coast of California.

By providing a trusted source for wine, we aim to give you confidence in all your lifestyle choices. We believe that finding what matters to you creates a virtuous cycle of confidence in everything – from wine and friendships to food choices. We want to empower people to find what matters most to them.

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