6 Signs that Your ‘Friend’ Might take Your Man

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6 Signs that Your ‘Friend’ Might take Your Man – Unfortunately, not everyone who claims they are your friend will have your best interest at heart. In fact, some will go as far as to be nice so they can get what they really want, according to MadameNoire.  While it’s never good to be super paranoid in a relationship or go around accusing people of having wandering eyes, that doesn’t mean you don’t watch for signs of shadiness coming from your camp. Here are some warning signs that your so-called friend wants your man.

1. Will blow you off…unless you’re with him. Take a mental note if your dates turn into a threesome with this particular
2. Loves sharing “wild” stories. If your friend is constantly bringing up what she can do in the bed in front of your guy, cut that conversation short.
3. Gives you a verbal warning. Does she find the time to mention to you, “Honey, you better hold onto your man before I take him for myself?”
4. Can’t help but give him special attention You may want to pay attention to how much TLC your friend tries to give to your guy.
5. Constantly texts him.   Just because she’s your friend, it doesn’t give your “friend” the right to text your man. If she’s that desperate to phone a friend, she should be hitting up your phone.
6. Drops subtle hints through her appearance and body language. Keep your eyes open for supposed friends who always feel the need to dress extra nice–or revealing–in front of your guy.

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You better watch those so called friends who seem to always want to impose themselves on your relationship.

Read the Full Story: Signs Your ‘Friend’ is Interested in Your Man | MadameNoire

Taking Your Man

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