Ciara Says She’s Done with Her Type and Talks about Dating Russell Wilson

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ciara Says She’s Done with Her Type and Talks about Dating Russell Wilson – Chocolate Informed

According to Hot New Hip Hop:

Ciara Talks Dating History, &Why She’s Done Dating Her Type On Ebro In The Morning [VIDEO]

To promote her newly-released Jackie album (which is named after her mother), Russell Wilson’s new bae, Ciara, decided to stop by the Hot 97 studios on Tuesday and sit down with the gang from Ebro in the Morning (sans Ebro).

During the lengthy, 25-minute chat, Ciara talked about a plethora of things going on in her life right now, from her new album and the video for “I Bet”, to whether or not she keeps up with blogs, past relationships, and plans for her son’s birthday among other things. And of course, the topic of her new boy toy, Russell Wilson, was brought up as well.

On Russell’s character:

I mean, all that I can say to you is that he really is an awesome person. I can definitely say that.

On Russell being different from her exes:

In life, for me, everything is about timing. Again, I’ve been able to have my experiences and learn from them and figure out the things that really work for me and are best for me. That’s all I can really say.

On previously having a thing for rebels and “street” boys:

I was pretty consistent. I’ve always had this thing for a rebel and the street boy. That’s always been my thing.

Again, timing, timing in your life. You see things one way during a certain time period. I don’t want it to seem like I’m saying anything against anyone that I’ve been with in my life because I have nothing bad to say about anybody.

Got a few minutes to spare, then suggest you check out this entertaining chat above. Cop Jackie on iTunes today!

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