Greenville, Mississippi Recording Artist, Kepa Ruffin in Promo Video “Feel So Alone”

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Greenville, Mississippi Recording Artist, Kepa Ruffin in Promo Video “Feel So Alone” – Chocolate Informed-

Born May 4, 1986 in Greenville, Mississippi, Kepa Ruffin is an up and coming independent rap artist  highly influenced by blues and hip hop music. His passion for music began at age 7 when he embraced the name “Lil D” while freestyling and recording cassette tapes with local neighborhood artist in the Carver Circle Projects of Greenville.

In May 2010, Kepa introduced the lyrically raging and explosive rhythmic mixtape “The Extraordinary Gentleman” which was released in 2011 and can be found on
Kepa Ruffin
This expressively gifted rap artist has the ability to create music in nearly any genre. Kepa Ruffin has created music ranging from the retro sound of blues to the bouncing sound of techno.

He was featured on numerous tracks on a mixtape released by the North Carolina recording group, Tsunami Gang in 2013. The mixtape is titled, “Loyalty”  and is hosted by Bigga Rankin. You can also hear Kepa Ruffin’s explosive flow on previous collaborated projects with this North Carolina recording group on such tracks as  “Getting to the Money.”

The story of the ambitious independent Rap Artist, Kepa Ruffin is only beginning. Poised to be an influential source for music in his hometown and the world stage, Kepa Ruffin, “La’Darius Davis” is busy laying the foundation for his label “Elite.”

The label is expected to include artist from Kepa’s hometown, Greenville, Mississippi and will also feature a number of artist from around the U.S.

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Fanpage: Facebook/Keparuffin

Twitter @keparuffin

Instagram keparuffin

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