6 Essential Tips On Using Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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6 Essential Tips On Using Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Site


  1. Keep your video clips short, preferable under 5 minutes. Most people browse through a number of videos when visiting sites like YouTube and Google Video, and may be unwilling to give any one video too much of their time.
  2. Ensure that your video has interesting, entertaining or provocative content. If it doesn’t “wow” people, they will have little incentive to share it with other people they know, or across their social networks.
  3. Be cautious about including commercial or promotional content. The most powerful short videos are those which are purely entertaining. It’s when people click through to your site that the time is right to add your sales message.
  4. Don’t plan on creating just one video. It is hard, if not impossible, to accurately predict which videos will enjoy wide, viral distribution. Our own testing demonstrated that some videos were shared more than ten times as much as others. So plan on creating a series of clips, and learn from the one which performs the best.
  5. Optimize your video clips to maximize distribution across social network sites, use tags and bookmarking links to help people find, save and share your videos.
  6. Create videos that multiple people (possibly some of your customers) appear in. The best team of viral marketers you can hire are people who appear in your video and pass the video to their friends and family.
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