The Story of Phylicia Goins – She’s the Barber

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The Story of Phylicia Goins – She’s the Barber

Phylicia Goins She's the Barber

Credit: Louis Tinsley Photography

A short while ago, several photos of Phylicia Goins made their way to our inbox and were archived for a later story we were intending to do on models. So, when I contacted Phylicia and asked for some background information about her, I was shocked when she began the conversation talking about her career as a barber. Assuming I had made a huge mistake and mixed faces and phone numbers up, I interrupted her and explained that, I had come across her photos by way of Louis Tinsley Photography and surely the woman in the photos had intentions on getting more exposure for her modeling career. Phylicia admitted that the photos were of her and she wasn’t Phylicia the model, but instead, she was a barber and the proud owner of She’s the Barber LLC.

Phylicia Goins, also known as Fe is a barber located in Washington, D.C.  The camera seems to love this outgoing, vibrant, 22 year old and one can easily see why many initially mistaken this lovely entrepreneur as a model.

the Cutlife

Phylicia posted a photo on Instagram and as if she was a celebrity of some sorts, received 4,395 likes. Obviously, Phylicia could have decided to pursue modeling in front of the camera as her profession, but she found the barber’s trade to be a safe haven and a welcomed distraction from life’s challenges.

While attending college, Phylicia recalls feeling miserable and caged in.  Her artistic style and entrepreneurial urges didn’t quite fit with the academic routine.  She wanted more freedom to express her creativity.

Phylicia Goins She's the Barber 1After three years in college, Phylicia jumped off the academic path and left college. After seeking the guidance of experienced professional barbers and advisors/mentors, such as Creative Marketing Director, Christina Bonner; Phylicia landed on her feet with a pair of clippers in her hand.  The more she cut hair, the further removed she became from all the distractions that were holding her back.   She fell in love with the clippers and shears.  She had discovered that as a barber, she had a very influential role that allowed her the freedom to express her artistic ability.

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Today, Phylicia (Fe) operates She’s the Barber LLC, a full-service barbershop specializing in men and women’s haircuts. She’s The Barber LLC is dedicated to sharing and expressing artistic creativity by providing a unique grooming experience for a variety of individuals from all walks of life.

By attending and participating in seminars, opening other establishments, expanding product development, and building relations with prominent associations within the industry. She’s the Barber LLC with the creative brilliance of Phylicia Goins, intends to expand to various avenues within the barbering and cosmetic industry.

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Phylicia is busy traveling and visiting college campuses, nursing homes, residents, and shops within the Washington, D.C. area. This is just the beginning of Phylicia Goins’ story.  There’s no doubt that she has the entrepreneurial skills, drive, and ambition to be a great success.  She’s already making huge strides toward that accomplishment. And whether she’s aware of it or not, word on the street is, she’s an ambassador for the cosmetic and barber industry. One client described her as being more than just a breath of fresh air for the barbering industry. She stated, “She’s a beautiful sight and engaging her customer in meaningful and thoughtful conversation just seems to come natural to Fe.”


[Watch Video ] Courtesy of Devin Johnson 

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Photo Credits: Louis Tinsley Photography and Instagram

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