Philippa Okoye, NFL Player’s Wife Sues former Boss for Harassment

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Uptown Magazine reports that Philippa Okoye is suing her former boss at a financial planning company for mocking her interracial marriage to San Francisco 49er Lawrence Okoye and harassment.

Philippa claims in a lawsuit filed Monday in New York that the CEO of deVere Group Benjamin Alderson created a Wolf of Wall Street-style environment at the firm. She says she was the only woman of a staff of about 21 employees when she started in Oct. 2013. She was a senior investment advisor. Philippa says she quickly became a target of harassment for dating a Black man who was pursuing his football career on the West Coast, according to court documents.

“How many times has big Lawrence cheated on you?” Alderson allegedly asked Philippa before she married Lawrence.

“So Philippa, how many cheerleaders has your boyfriend f—– today?” Alderson allegedly said, among many other vulgar, racist insults.

Philippa complained and was demoted, but Alderson allegedly continued his attack, this time targeting her Christian faith. She alleges in the papers that Alderson called her a “Bible basher” and would sing hymns when walking past her desk. She also claims employees regularly discussed sex, strippers, prostitutes, and drugs.   Read More….

Original Story NFLer’s Wife Sues Former Boss For Mocking Interracial Marriage


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