Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar Highest Number of Views [WATCH VIDEO]

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Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar have broken a vevo record with video for Bad Blood.

The song and video have received mixed reviews since its release earlier this week, but that has not stopped millions of people watching it on YouTube.

Taylor has broken the Vevo record for highest number of views within a 24-hour period. According to CBS, Nicki Minaj originally held the record with 19.6 million views on her video Anaconda back in August 2014.

There had been many Taylor Swift fans excited for the video. Throughout the week leading up to the release of the video, she had hinted at a number of celebrity cameos through her Twitter feed. Instantly, fans of the singer and fans of the celebrities wanted to see what the hype was all about. It could have been a case of too much hype for the video.

Fans get the chance to watch all the celebrity cameo appearances

Taylor Swift as Catastrophe

Selena Gomez as Arsyn

Karlie Kloss as Knockout

Kendrick Lamar as Welvin Da Great

Martha Hunt as HomeSlice

Jessica Alba as Domino

Serayah as Dilemma

Lena Dunham as Lucky Fiori

Hailee Steinfeld as The Trinity

Ellie Goulding as Destructa X

GiGi Hadid as Slay-Z

Hayley Williams as The Crimson Curse

Zendaya as Cut-Throat

Lily Aldridge as Frostbyte

Ellen Pompeo as Luna

Mariska Hargitay as Justice

Cara Delevingne as Mother Chucker

Cindy Crawford as Headmistress



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