Nia Guzman Battles Chris Brown Over Child Support: Why Karrueche Tran Got Involved

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Nia Guzman’s Battles Chris Brown Over Child Support: Why Karrueche Tran Got Involved


Chris Brown is in a bitter child support battle with baby mother Nia Guzman. How did his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, get involved in this battle? Nia understands that Karrueche may come in contact with their baby, Royalty, because of her relationship with Chris.

 How does Nia Guzman really feel about Karrueche Tran interacting with her daughter? She wants the model to understand that she and Chris Brown are Royalty’s parents. Alleged insiders told the HollywoodLife that Nia doesn’t want to compete with Karrueche for her baby girl’s affections.Nia Guzman and Daughter

Guzman is obviously protective of Royalty. She doesn’t even want Tran to spoil her baby with gifts and attention. Guzman’s sources told HollywoodLife that she’s enforcing rules where Tran and Royalty are concerned. It looks like luxury gifts would be out of the question.

“That would be a problem for Nia. Small gifts here and there and on special occasions are cute, but Karrueche would be out of line if she were buying Royalty a lot of expensive things like clothes and toys on a regular basis. That’s Nia’s job, not Karrueche’s!”

The HollywoodLife previously reported that Karrueche already adores Royalty. She met Chris’ baby for the first time and cried when meeting her. Karrueche also held Royalty while she had FaceTime conversation with Chris mother, Joyce Hawkins.

“[Karrueche] started crying and confided in Joyce, telling her that she had always wanted a baby by Chris. She wanted him to experience being a father for the first time with her.”

But the New York Daily News is telling a different story about Tran’s relationship with Brown. News about Brown’s secret child shocked many of his fans, including his on-gain, off-girlfriend. Tran quickly brushed Brown off on social media upon hearing the news.

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Now the model is reportedly seeing Tyson Beckford. The two have been spotted together in Vegas this past Saturday. The actor has already received some threats from Brown on social media, as previously reported via the Inquisitr. Maybe Brown and Tran aren’t a down deal after all.

Nia Guzman is now seeking more child support from Chris Brown. It’s been reported that he stopped paying the $2,500 checks he paid to Guzman to support their 11-month-daughter. Now Guzman is asking for $15,000 per month, an insider told TMZ.

If the quarreling parents don’t reach an agreement soon, Nia’s lawyer is going to file some documents within the next few weeks. That means that Nia will demand Chris for back child support payments and another monthly increase moving forward, according to the report.

What are your thoughts on Nia Guzman’s attempts to get Chris Brown to pay child support? Do you think it’s smart for Karrueche Tran to get involved in this battle? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Chris Brown/Instagram]

According to Chris Brown And Nia Guzman’s Child Support Battle: How Karrueche Tran Got Involved



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