Walmart Settles with Comedian Tracy Morgan over Truck Accident

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Walmart Settles with Comedian Tracy Morgan over Truck Accident

Walmart announced Wednesday that the company has settled a lawsuit with the representatives of comedian Tracy Morgan and two others, who were seriously injured in an accident involving its truck. While returning from a performance in Delaware, a Walmart truck rear-ended the limo bus Tracy & others were riding in.    The accident killed comedian James McNair. The company has already settled with his children.

Children of comedian James McNair, who was killed in June 2014 collision, will receive increasing monthly payments for the rest of their lives

Walmart has agreed to pay out a $10 million settlement to the children of James McNair, who was killed in the New Jersey Turnpike crash last summer that seriously injured “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan in June 2014.

Though news that the retailer had settled with McNair’s family was reported earlier this year, the Associated Press reported the $10 million figure on Friday.

According to the AP, McNair’s children, 26-year-old Jamel and 19-year-old Denita, will put aside part of the settlement for increasing monthly payments, which will start at $3,000 and continue for the rest of their lives.

The terms and conditions regarding Tracy’s settlement with Walmart remain confidential, the company said.

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