People Still Unhappy About Kevin Hart’s Relationship with Eniko Parrish

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People Still Unhappy About Kevin Hart’s Relationship with Eniko Parrish

By MadameNoire: It’s been nearly a year since Kevin Hart proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, but apparently folks are still not happy about their relationship or their engagement. Earlier this week, the soon-to-be wife of thecomedian shared a photo on Instagram of the two of them walking hand in hand.


Unfortunately for her however several people commented that they doubted that she really loved the comedian and hinted at her being a gold digger.




While many left positive comments underneath the image, others questioned her loyalty to the Get Hard actor and made gold digger accusations.

“I truly believe she doesn’t love him like his wife did, and I believe if he didn’t have any money she wouldn’t look twice to think about being with him and that’s my opinion,” one commenter wrote.

 “Would he still be a best friend if you was broke,” questioned another.

Eniko never responded to her critics, but Kevin decided to jump in the comments to defend his rib.

“Message to all of the angry women that leave negative comments on her page….Your life must truly suck if someone else’s happiness bothers you. The question that all of you negative unhappy put your page on private b-tches should all ask yourselves is while you’re wrecking your brain worrying about us…ARE WE WORRYING ABOUT YOU????? The answer is not even a little bit. Now have a blessed negative thinking day….P.S. I love chicken nuggets…ok I’m done.”

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Kevin Hart

Of course, this isn’t the first time Kevin has defended Eniko against critics, but it has been a while since the last incident. On one hand, I imagine that it’s probably frustrating to have people constantly unloading their opinions and negativity on your social media pages. On the other, it seems that responding to this type of criticism will only motivate some of these individuals to continue leaving comments of that nature.

“He’s my best friend, he’s my best friend,” she captioned the image.

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