The Story: Kitt (McDonald) Shapiro, Eartha Kitt, and John McDonald

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The Story: Kitt (McDonald) Shapiro – Eartha Kitt and John McDonald

Her Mother’s career spanned over 6 decades and her mom’s an entertainer of many talents. Throughout her career, she was known as an avid civil rights activist, who has stirred up controversy over the years for being so outspoken about racial, social and gender injustices.

Yep, you’re seeing this correctly, this woman’s mother is the one and only Eartha Kitt a.k.a. the baddest ‘Catwoman’ to have ever graced the acting world!

Eartha and her daughter, 53 year old Kitt (McDonald) Shapiro (that’s right, her daughter’s first name is Eartha’s last name…that’s cool isn’t it?), couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to physical appearance: Eartha was petite and African American; Her daughter, Kitt, is obviously half African American as well, but her skin complexion, hair texture, and height takes after her father, John William McDonald, who is White (German/Irish). Her father was an associate of a real estate investment company and he and Eartha were married from 1960 to 1965. Read more…

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2 Comments on "The Story: Kitt (McDonald) Shapiro, Eartha Kitt, and John McDonald"

  1. DiHi | at 6:07 pm |

    Well, I guess if her mom is half, that makes her a”quarter”
    Still cool.

  2. Kate | at 5:03 pm |

    Eartha Kitt was 1/4 African American, 1/4 Native American, and 1/2 Caucasian which makes her daughter, Kitt 1/8 African American, 3/4 Caucasian, and 1/8 Native American.

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