Joshua Coates and Backseat Conceptions Finish Filming In Raleigh, NC

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Joshua Coates and Backseat Conceptions Finish Filming In Raleigh, NC –

Backseat Conceptions and Director Joshua Coates recently returned from Raleigh, North Carolina, co-producing a feature length movie with another Philly based production company, Get-Kinetic with producer Dana Michael and Director of Photography Kevin Hackenberg.

‘But Deliver Us from Evil,’ Starring Pooch Hall, Grant Harvey, Eric Roberts, Thorsten Kaye, Cynthia Rodriguez and introducing Alice Rose is a movie directed by Joshua Coates and Executive Produced by Christina Marie and Pure Times Magazine.

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The plot: Pastors, Preachers and other men of God are meeting their untimely demise in a most gory fashion. Detective Reid Mackenzie (RJ Konner) sees a connection to past cases, and the trail of murder leads to a College Campus in Atlanta where the orphaned Jeremiah Young (Grant Harvey) has just begun attending. Often the outcast amongst his peers, Jeremiah befriends the goth girl Sonja (Cynthia Rodriguez) after having strange premonitions related to Sonja’s past. Just as Sonja and Jeremiah seem to connect, a new girl, Lilith (Alice Rose) enters the picture and everyone’s lives are turned upside down. Truths are revealed, pasts are uncovered and inner demons become all too real.

About the Director:  Joshua Coates wrote and directed his first full length independent film entitled ‘GAME’ in 1997.   The film placed 10th overall out of 1000 entries in the Derek Freese Independent Film Festival at Temple University. In 2002, Joshua wrote, directed, and produced his 2nd film titled ‘THE CALLED,’ a Faith based Independent Film which garnered him local recognition from the Church Community and the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

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In 2007, Joshua founded his own film production company, 20/20 Visions Entertainment Group and executive produced his first project, “The Jenae So In Love CD/DVD Musical” that was released Nationwide through Thump/Universal Records.

In 2010, 20/20 Visions Entertainment Group produced its first feature film ‘Iniquity’ inspired by the biblical account of David and Bathsheba. Iniquity was released on DVD both domestically and internationally in March 2013.

Check out @DeliverUsMovie on Instagram as well as @Director_Joshua_Coates

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