Kyemah McEntyre and Her Prom Dress that Sent a Message to Society

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Kyemah McEntyre and Her Prom Dress that Sent a Message to Society –

Today, many fashion designers are literally making fashion statements about any number of things by using slogans and fashion.  We’ve all seen shirts with words printed across them and even some dresses. When 18-year-old teen, Kyemah McEntyre of New Jersey decided to sketch her own design for the prom that highlighted her natural beauty and colorful culture by making a stunning silhouette with a traditional Prom DressAfrican print, what statement was she attempting to make?  Well, I guess a big one.  When she showed up at her prom in a piece that could have stolen the show at New York Fashion Week, there was only a collection of jaws hitting the floor.

The dress featured full-length sleeves and a plunging neckline that was crafted to perfection thanks to a local seamstress by the name of Markell.

When the teen snapped a picture of her look for Instagram she captioned it, “This is for always being labeled as, ‘ugly’ or ‘angry.’ Thank God, stereotypes are just opinions.”

While McEntyre has almost certainly faced those kinds of harsh criticisms on a personal level, the caption and the overall design seemed to be more than a dig at high school haters. It was a powerful jab, uppercut and high-kick combo being delivered to a society that has worked tirelessly to convince Black women that neither they, nor their culture, are beautiful.  Read more…Atlanta BlackStar

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