What is the Reason Men Marry Certain Women but Not You?

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What is the Reason Men Marry Certain Women but Not You? –

So, you’re dating but he’s not willing to marry you. What seems to be the problem? You ask yourself, “Why won’t he marry me?” For women who are dating, yet never seem to find that one man who is willing to marry, we’d like to offer a bit of advice to you: Adam discusses 5 reasons why men marry certain women but not others. In other words, what traits he looks for in a potential wife. Any man who takes marriage seriously will understand that the commitment is made with the understanding that you are choosing one person to be with for the rest of your life.

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According to MadameNoire’s article “Straight-from-his-mouth-why-did-he-marry-the-next-woman,”  most men know when they want to be with a woman and when they don’t. It might seem like he randomly settled down with the “next woman,” but in actuality he was likely better prepared, older, and more mature when the opportunity for a committed relationship presented itself. This might be because of you or in spite of you. However, you can avoid being the practice/starter wife by exiting a relationship whenever you feel like a man is stringing you along, because chances are he is stringing you along. You want to be his final destination, not just another woman along his journey of self-discovery. If you’re unsure where you fall, then you should have a serious conversation that confirms you both have the same view of the future; otherwise, when the commitments are doled out, you might find yourself on the outside looking in.  Finally, you may be marriage material but if he’s not at that stage in life he may still pass you up. A man has to meet the right woman at the right time.

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Get a deeper understanding of the five reasons?

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