Man Invents Sandals That Grow 5 Sizes, Shoe that Grows Helps Millions

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Man Invents Sandals That Grow 5 Sizes, Shoe that Grows Helps Millions –

The Shoes That Grow solves a major problem of donated footwear: children very quickly outgrow them within a year or two. This means that many children end up wearing poorly-fitting shoes or going barefoot.

In 2007, inventor Kenton Lee had an idea to invent a shoe that could adjust and expand — so that kids always had a pair of shoes that fit.  The Shoe That Grows was born.

Committed to “practical compassion”, Lee created a shoe that can be adjusted so as to accommodate the growing feet of children. Made of high-quality leather and compressed rubber, these shoes are robust enough for long-term use.

Each pair grows 5 sizes and can last 5 years; they come in two sizes: small (from kindergarten to 4th grade) and large (from 5th grade to 9th grade).

According to BuzzFeed:  The shoes cost $10 a pair, and each pair goes into a “duffle bag” that can fit 50 pairs of shoes. Once one organization’s duffle bag is full, Because International ships it to the organization that flies with them to one of seven countries.

Donors can either buy shoes to distribute themselves, or buy a pair of shoes and choose one of five American nonprofit organizations to distribute them to orphanages and churches around the world.   If you want to know how you can lend a hand to their cause, head over to

[Watch How the Shoe Works]

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