Dealing with Daddy Issues: How it Affects Your Relationships

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Dealing with Daddy Issues: How it Affects Your Relationships

It’s true, that ‘Daddy issues’  those  interpretations of the relationship you had with your father will in some way have an effect on how you deal with your relationships with people, especially those people that you date.

Daddy issues encompass both negative and positive relationships but it’s often the negative that receives the most attention.  It focuses on the fear of being hurt and the constant quest for male approval.

According to Women24: A girl is considered to have daddy issues if:

–    She had/has an abusive or absent father figure. Those fears and insecurities will be projected onto male romantic interests in her life.

–    She had an absent father. She will share herself and her love with a lot of men as a way of filling the void her father left or completely close herself off from men as a means of pay back to her absent dad.

In cases where she was neglected by her father it could result in her staying in a relationship no matter how bad things are/get, becoming clingy out of fear that her partner will lose interest, and she will want to maintain a level of submissiveness in the relationship to satisfy her partner.

Daddy issues can also emerge when a girl doesn’t have a good relationship with her father maybe because he was a womanizer or abuser. The girl is said to have trust issues which fuel her daddy issues.

Basically the understanding is that, daddy issues are based on your past and determine your present as well as your future and you have no control over it.

Here’s some of what actress and lifestyle blogger, Misee Harris had to say about her daddy issues:

“I wasn’t sad about his passing. How could I be? I was then 22, in dental school and had lived more than half of my life with little to no communication with him. The only thing that made me upset was that it was my father’s funeral yet I had no emotional connection whatsoever to the man who was responsible for bringing me into this world.

Now at the age of 30, I am finally at peace with my father. As the years have passed, old memories have resurfaced. Now I think of the good times that I had with him. The nights that I stayed up late until he came home from his second job and the days he took me to the store to get some of my favorite candy. I now remember laughing as he gave me big bear hugs and kisses on the cheek. Everything wasn’t bad about him after all and holding on to the bad times was just going to hurt me even more in the long run.”  Read the entire article, Forgiving My Father.

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