Claudia Jordan Shares Her Secret to Maintaining a Positive Outlook on Life

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Claudia Jordan Shares Her Secret to Maintaining a Positive Outlook on Life –

Despite all the negative media floating around the internet about  Claudia Jordan, this resilient  model, actress, and radio host who is rumored to have been recently let go from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” as well as her gig on “The Ricky Smiley Morning Show” has been enjoying life to the fullest these days.

Perhaps you’ve seen the photos of  Claudia and friend Aisha Thalia  lounging on the beaches of Miami, wearing only skimpy bikinis and big smiles.  Aisha seems to be a really good friend, because the two were photographed back in January in another beach photo shot seen here courtesy of Aisha Thalia’s FB page.

Claudia Jordan and Aisha Thalia Jan

Some might have expected Claudia to lay low until the rumor mill came to a halt.  But that’s not the Claudia Jordan we’ve all come to know.  She’s not one to linger in self pity.

On 12 Jul 2015,  she shared with her fans on  Facebook, how she manages to maintain her positive outlook on life.   Her soft humility has touched so many with a spark of inspiration. So pay close attention to what she shared.

“We all have choices… to go left…. or to to right. To be happy… to be sad. To be positive or to be negative. You know that right? Do you know how powerful your thoughts and words are? I REALLY didn’t realize it until a few years ago. It was when I had hit ROCK BOTTOM… careerwise, financially, personally. It was bad. It was like the perfect shit storm of all things that could go wrong at the same damn time! Now Im no spring chicken and I do realize in life we go thru Claudia Jordan_Simply Jess_Aisha Thaliarough patches… and they say things come in 3’s but my situation was ridiculous… it was more like 33’s! One bad thing after the next… and guess what I was doing and saying when it was happening? Woe is Me… damn this ALWAYS happens to me! Why can’t I catch a break? Im NOT going to get the job anyways… and BECAUSE our words are so powerful–you already KNOW what continued to happen…

I STAYED IN THAT SPACE Cause I was vibrating and broadcasting NEGATIVE WORDS, THOUGHTS and VIBES. So the more I said it… the more negative crap would come my way. Then one day… I stopped. I took this class that helped me refocus on the POSITIVE and I got to a point where negative people and thoughts were so unattractive to me it was like I was allergic to them and when some of my friends would start complaining about some sh*t–I’d have to tune them out cause I didn’t want to get influenced and back slide! WHEN I tell you THAT was the catalyst for my life changing I tell you NO LIES! Now I would preach this to some of my other friends and they didn’t move forward with their thinking like I did and they are exactly where we all used to be. No progress.

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Claudia Jordan

SO I have seen this work. I encourage you to TRY IT STARTING TODAY. It has changed my life. How else do u think I can retain such a positive attitude even when being attacked and slandered EVERY SINGLE DAY on the internet? It won’t take me out or do me in cause I KNOW the great things coming my way! EVEN RIGHT NOW… I’ve been getting so many pity texts and I’m like WHY? I am the happiest I have been in a very very long time right in this MOMENT. DO you know how many people have been trying to reach out to me and work with me the past year that I could NOT take them up on because I had a daily obligation? I was supposed to go read for Power, Single Ladies and so much more. Timing is everything and now I have the time enter the next phase of my career.Claudia Jordan and Aisha Thalia

The way to keep a positive attitude is to focus on the GOOD and WHAT COULD and not on what you don’t have. Many times you don’t have THAT so you CAN have something bigger and better and MEANT for you. That’s why I never try to force a situation! Once again—your attitude and how you handle situations totally will dictate your happiness AND your sadness in your life. So what will YOU choose? Something to think about. Choose your words and your thoughts WISELY!” – Claudia Jordan

Whether the rumors or true or not, there’s no doubt that with her positive attitude, Claudia will bounce back from all the negative publicity in no time.  Hell, it doesn’t appear to be affecting her at all anyway.  But nevertheless,  we’re looking forward to seeing her back on the screen soon.

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[WATCH VIDEO] Claudia Jordan Hits Miami Beach

Photo Credits: Daily Mail UK and Aisha Thaila 

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  1. Nisi | at 12:18 pm |

    She has such a beautiful spirit and positive attitude, that’s why I love her.

  2. tra | at 3:07 pm |

    I hope you move on and do well but just not on anything I watch or listen too.

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