Dre Murro, You Might Just Consider Him a Musical Prodigy

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Artist to Watch:  One Listen to Dre Murro’s Music and You Might Just Consider Him a Musical Prodigy –

As the story goes, young Dre Murro,  age 19,  books a photo shoot for professional photos at Studio 624 located in Raleigh, NC.  At some point during the photo shoot, it is revealed that Dre is a musician and has produced his own music.

After listening to Dre Murro’s music, the owner was so impressed that he was inspired to produce a video for the young musical genius right then on the spot.

Despite his age, Dre Murro is indeed self-motivated and so musically inclined to the point, he produces his own tracks and writes his own lyrics.

We have the video from the shoot courtesy of Diamond District Photo.  

[WATCH VIDEO]   Let us know what you think.  Chances are, you’ll be just as impressed as we all were…

About the Musician/Artist: DeAndre’ “Dre” Moore demonstrated that he could also write his on songs, when he performed “Fairytale Feeling”; the first song he received credits for lyrics and vocals as well as co-credit for arrangement and production with his cousin, James Parker.  Dre writes, records and mixes all of his songs in his bedroom. While most teenagers are out at the mall with friends, Dre is most likely in his room perfecting his craft. Now at 19 years old, Dre is more than ready to set the music world on fire. With his new singles “Rooms” & “Don’t Know” currently gaining traction on radio stations worldwide, heads are turning at the mention of this new R&B/Pop star.

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Follow this  young future R&B/Pop Genre hit maker.


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Photo Credit:  Studio 624 | Diamond District Photo

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