Sandra Bland’s Arrest : Compare the Two Versions of the Dashcam Video

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Sandra Bland Arrest’s : Compare the Two Versions of the Dashcam Video – Was the Dashcam Video footage altered?

Cuts in the video and looping footage have raised questions about whether the dashcam recording of the arrest of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old woman who was found dead in her jail cell after being charged with assaulting a Texas state trooper, was edited.

According to Heavy: The Texas Department of Public Safety, which overseas state troopers and released the video on Tuesday, more than a week after Bland died, told The Guardian it did not have an immediate explanation for why the video appeared to be manipulated.
Journalist Ben Norton was the first to break down the apparent edits in the video on his website,

Norton says parts of the video, which is 53 minutes long, “have clearly been doctored,” before it was uploaded to YouTube by the Department of Public Safety and released to the public.

The video starts with an unrelated traffic stop, and then shows the trooper pulling over Bland and his interaction with her, including her being led out of her vehicle at Taser-point and then brought out of the camera. The apparent edits occur in the second half of the video, starting at about the 25 minute mark, as a two truck takes Bland’s car, and the trooper talks on the phone with a supervisor. Norton says footage was cut out and looped to correspond with recorded audio of the trooper.

Norton cites several examples, including at the 25:05 mark when a man leaves the two truck, then for 15 seconds walks toward the right of the frame and leave. He appears again at 25:19, disappears and returns again at 25:22. That footage is then repeated.

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Watch the videos below and tell us what you think.

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