Philly Police Officer Punching a Handcuffed Man in The Face: What You Didn’t Notice In the Video

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Philly Police Officer Punching a Handcuffed Man in The Face: What You Didn’t Notice in the Video –

In this video courtesy of Media Takeout , a white Philly police officer punches a handcuffed suspect in the face as a black police officer on scene stands by.   You will see footage of two white officers arresting a black man while someone films the action.  It is alleged that the police are from Philadelphia. Moments into the video, one officer punches the handcuffed suspect in the face, not once, but twice. The officers then throw the handcuffed suspect to the ground.

This behavior by people on the police force who are in a position to do something, but choose not to as the black officer did, should be something that the black community calls attention to.  How can we expect white police officers to value the lives of black men and women, when this black police officer just stood by and did nothing while two fellow officers roughed up a handcuffed black suspect?

The video shown below was originally posted to social media in 2010. Now the video has resurfaced and people are claiming that the officer can be seen pulling a weapon from his pocket approximately 30 seconds into the video- before waving into the camera and telling the witness to get that on film.

According to Cassandra Fairbanks:

Following the resurfacing of the video, the Philadelphia Police Department issued a statement, which reads in full:

“Many citizens have sent our department inquires about the attached video (screenshot below), and we do appreciate the concern regarding the video.

We would just like to inform all concerned citizens that this video was originally posted on April 19, 2010, involving an incident in which a male was arrested for Violation of Uniforms Firearm act- VUFA (illegal .22 caliber handgun).

Five (5) years ago when this video was posted, our department was notified and conducted an Internal Affairs investigation into the incident. Internal Affairs sustained the allegations of verbal and physical abuse against the Officer.

In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement between the City and the FOP; the department’s Internal Affairs Unit sent this case to the Police Board of Inquiry with the recommendation for disciplinary action against the officer.

Once this case was heard before the PBI, they concluded that no disciplinary action should be given. The original arrest against the male was dismissed in July 2013.

This department maintains the commitment to address these types of incidents. We will continue to educate our officers to conduct themselves in a professional manner and provide them with the training to treat all citizens fairly and impartially.”

Watch video below.  If you’re unable to view it below, then view it on Facebook 

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While the suspect is on the ground, at 0.38 seconds into the video, it appears that one of the officers reaches into his own right pocket, and then places a small handgun into his left pocket,   at 0.42 seconds into the video.

At 0.52 seconds into the video, the officer looks into the camera, displays the handgun, and boldly states, “Do me a favor. Put that on the internet too.”   But if all this wasn’t disturbing enough, at the 1 minute mark, we see a Black police officer appear.

Okay, the white police officers just lived up to our expectations of police brutality in the black communities, but  should we not expect something more than just silence and NOTHING from this black police officer? Or do we just ignore this passive behavior? When will people that are in a position to do something, stand up?

Truth Angel 107  delivers a strong message to black men in an article, “Black Men: What Will It Take to Make You STAND UP?” Here’s just some of what can be found in the article:

“Black men have an image of profiling and “frontin’” but not many today have records of actively standing up for anything. You can abuse them, hate them, even kill them, then some pastor will pray, insisting Black people to get on our knees, and ask God to redeem the offenders, then, back to the same ole’ same ole’. Cowardice. Plain and simple.”

“The images of the Black male has gotten innocent Black men killed. The insidious nature of this was created by the white media. And the sad part, many Black men in positions to speak boldly, choose to cower, and often play into these media perceptions…”

“Look at the state of our communities across this nation. Black males walk around with their pants hanging off of their behinds, refusing to read books, but want to drive expensive cars, while living with a girlfriend on food stamps. How many Black children have been spawned by the irresponsible Black male? What is this doing to our community as a whole?  Young Black men need strong male role models so that they can be STRONG MALES. It takes men to raise men.” Read more…


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